Members' benefits

♦You can exhibit your works at Gafu-ten, Shunga-ten, Shuga-ten, Hokuriku-Miyabi-ten and Kyushu-Miyabi-ten. (charge applies)

♦ You will be entitled to a 10% discount on most purchases at Shohin Bonsai Association shops in the exhibitions above.

♦ You can get the commemorative photo album that contains all works exhibited at Gafu-ten without charge. (List Price: JPY8,000)

♦ You and another person can enter Gafu-ten and other local 4 exhibitions without a fee, if you show your membership card at the entrance of the exhibition.

♦ You will receive magazines named “San-ya-sou- to- Mini-bonsai” every two months without a fee (6 copies a year). It contains articles of wild herbs and shohin bonsai. (List Price: @JPY980 x 6)

♦ You can participate in all training classes supported by the Association. (charge applies)

♦ Shohin Bonsai instructors authorized by the Association can give advices for the development and training to member’s bonsai. (charge applies)

Gafu-ten photo album (in Japanese only)
Gafu-ten photo album
(in Japanese only)

San-ya-so to Mini-bonsai(in Japanese only)
San-ya-so to Mini-bonsai
(in Japanese only)

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