Association's activities

Gafu-ten♦We hold “Gafu-ten” in Kyoto at the beginning of January every year that is the biggest Shohin Bonsai exhibition in Japan. It has about 200 Shohin exhibits and more than 60 shops at sales area. Also about 10 Shohin Bonsai are exhibited with photos of their past features for showing their proceses of development / growth with lapse of time.

♦We hold 4 local Shohin Bonsai exhibitions every year; “Shunga-ten” in Osaka, “Hokuriku-Miyabi-ten” in Hokuriku area, “Shuga-ten” in Tokyo, and “Kyushu-Miyabi-ten” in Kumamoto.

♦We support exhibitions that are held by Shohin Bonsai clubs called “Nintei-kai”.

♦We authorize and register Shohin Bonsai, pots, and display stands / tables every year as “Yuga Shohin Bonsai & Pots” in order to conserve precious works.

♦ We have registration system as authorized Shohin Bonsai instructor in Japan. More than 60 instructors are doing workshops and demonstrations all over Japan.

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