An excellent work of art that expresses the beauty of nature in a tiny pot

“Shohin Bonsai” is one of the bonsai categories and means trees of height within 20 cm.


Shohin-Bonsai is a Japanese traditional art which can be put on your palm. It is a small-sized tree or a group of several trees in tiny pot(s) which represents a feature or a scenic view as if it is the one in the nature evolving through the four seasons. With hearty and regular treatment / care, one may express a living sense of harmony and balance, and feel healing of mind and enriching of daily life.



We are All Japan Shohin Bonsai Association organized by Shohin Bonsai lovers since 1986, and there are about 60 Shohin Bonsai clubs called “Nintei-kai” all over Japan which are authorized as the brotherhood of Shohin Bonsai by the Association.


Our mission is to promote bonsai, especially Shohin Bonsai, as one of Japanese cultures not only in Japan but also to the world.

Let’s join us and enjoy a “real and living” traditional culture with us!

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