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Member Benefits

Free admission to each Yasha exhibition

Admission to the Yafu Exhibition and each Ya Exhibition is free.
Up to 2 people can enter with a membership card.
(47th Yafu Exhibition Admission 1000 yen / person)

Eligibility for each exhibition

You will be eligible to exhibit in the Masafu Exhibition, Haruga Exhibition, Akiga Exhibition, Hokuriku Masa Exhibition, Kyushu Masa exhibition, Tokai Masa exhibition, branch union exhibition. (Exhibition fee etc. are required separately.) )

Distribution of commemorative plaques and association information magazines

A luxurious commemorative plaque containing all the works exhibited in the Yafu Exhibition and the association information magazine “Pieces Bonsai Press” will be distributed free of charge.
(Commemorative Gift Price 10,000 yen)

Discounts on bonsai and materials

You can purchase products from association cooperating merchants at 10% off at the exhibition shop sponsored by the Association.
(However, there are exceptions and excluded items.)
* Some limited products in the Gafu shop have a special distribution price of the member’s benefit, so please use it here as well.

Eligibility to participate in the course

You will be eligible to participate in seminars organized by the Association throughout the country.
However, please contact us in advance as the teaching material fee may be required separately (actual cost).

Discount on exchange fees

The participation fee for exchange meetings hosted by the association several times a year will be 2,000 yen. (General 3,000 yen)

Remake System

A remake system (technical distribution) by the association’s certified lecturers is available for a fee. (Currently, reception is limited to Japan))

【Details of the remake system】
• We will take care of bonsai that are lost in bonsai and adaptations that are beyond the hands of association members.
• The requester nominates an engineer recommended by the Association and applies to the Association Secretariat.
• Send it to your home as soon as possible after the procedure.
• Technical fees are as follows:
• The requester will discuss the care details directly with the technician.
• When shipping, pack the bonsai so that it does not fall.

Care time Fee
3,000 yen within 1 hour
About 5,000 yen per hour
About 7,000 yen for 2 hours
About 10,000 yen for about 3 hours
3 hours or more 10,000 yen or more

About the enrollment procedure

How to apply

Please apply by one of the following methods.

♦ How to apply 1
Please fill out the application form, apply to the association headquarters or each branch of the association you wish to join, each certification meeting, along with the admission fee and annual membership fee. We will also handle each member store (Japanese Small Goods Bonsai Association Member).

♦ How to apply 2
Please enclose the enrollment fee, annual membership fee, and application form in cash registered mail and send it to the association headquarters.

♦ How to apply 3
Please send the enrollment fee and annual membership fee by postal transfer. No application is required.
If you need a postal transfer form (payment slip), please contact the association headquarters.
・ Account symbol number: 01060-1-25703
, Subscriber name: All Japan Small Goods Bonsai Association

Admission fee and annual membership fee

■ Admission fee: 3,000 yen
■ Annual membership fee: 12,000 yen

Note: The expiration date of the annual membership fee is April 1 ~ March 31 of the following year.
Note: For residents living outside of Japan, the admission fee is 5,000 yen and the annual membership fee is 15,000 yen.
(However, it shall be 12,000 yen only if the recipient of the award distribution is in Japan.)
* All prices shown include consumption tax.