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Welcome to the 37th Gafu-ten
the Largest and Highest Level SHOHIN BONSAI EXHIBITION
Gafu-ten is to be held on January 5th(Thu.)~8th(Sun.) in MIYAKO-MESSE, KANGYOKAN of Kyoto City (in Okazaki Park)
We welcome your visit to Gafu-ten and expect you to find your satisfaction
You can enjoy;
◎  Display of splended SEKIKAZARI, i.e. excellent combination of several high-quality SHOHIN BONSAI
◎  SHOHIN BONSAI with photos of its past features showing process of development/growth with lapse of time
◎  Display of newly created Bonsai pots by todays’ pot-creators
◎ Workshop of Bonsai treatment and demonstration of Bonsai reform by Bonsai professinals
◎ Many shops of SHOHIN BONSAI, SAN-YASOU(wild grasses), Bonsai pots, tools, fertilizers, etc. in the hall
There is the consultation desk on Bonsai through the term (free of charge)  
DATE: January 5th(Thu.)~8th(Sun.), 2012
TIME: 9:30~16:30 (15:00 on the last day)
PLACE: MIYAKO-MESSE, Kangyokan of Kyoto City (in Okazaki Park)
ADMISSION FEE:¥800 (free of charge for younger than 18 yrs old)
 (A member of ALL JAPANSHOHINBONSAI ASSOCIATION and one more accompanied person are free of charge; membership card is necessary)
Event of Collaboration
Japanese traditional KIMONO, “KYO-YUZEN” with SHOHIN BONSAI
Events with Participation of Visitors
Jan.5th(Thu.) 13:00~14:30
Demonstration of creation of Bonsai pots (free of charge)
Jan.6th(Fri.) 13:00~14:30
Demonstration of reform of SHOHIN BONSAI (free of charge)
Jan.7th(Sat.) 11:00~12:00
Workshop of SHOHIN BONSAI “Material=Komayumi”
(Participation fee incl.shohin-bonsai-material cost:¥5,000; up to 30 persons)
Jan.8th(Sun.) 11:00~12:00
Seminar (Lesson) on treatment of SHOHIN BONSAI for a pair of family (free of charge; up to 15 pairs)
Jan.5th(Thu.)~8th(Sun.) 12:00~12:30
Demonstration and explanation on how to display SHOHIN BONSAI SEKIKAZARI (free of charge)
SPECIAL EXHIBITION through the term
★The 7th Exhibition of newly created Bonsai pots by todays’ pot-creators
★Contest of Creation/Reform of SHOHIN BONSAI