About us

What is the All Japan Shohin Bonsai Association

The All Japan Shohin Bonsai Association is Japan’s largest group of Shohin Bonsai enthusiasts.

The purpose of this association is to enlighten and disseminate Shohin Bonsai, to train human resources, to promote the art of Shohin Bonsai, and to contribute to the improvement of Japanese culture.

In recognition of its public interest, it was certified as a public interest incorporated association by the Prime Minister.

The main business of our association is the “Shohin Bonsai Fair”, and in addition to the national-scale “Gafu-ten” (held in Kyoto) by the headquarters, there are five branches nationwide, and each branch is in charge of the “Shuga-ten”. (Tokyo), “Shunga-ten” (Osaka), “Hokuriku Miyabi” (Kanazawa), “Kyushu Miyabi” (Kumamoto), “Tokai Miyabi” (Nagoya). At the Shohin Bonsai Fair, we will exhibit and open to the public the splendid Shohin Bonsai decorations cultivated by Shohin Bonsai enthusiasts all over the country.

*Shohin bonsai refers to bonsai from mini to about 20cm tall.
*Sekikazari means a decoration made by combining several pieces of small bonsai.

Purpose of association

It is certified as a public interest corporation for the purpose of promoting culture and art. The aim is to improve and popularize bonsai techniques, thereby contributing to the improvement of Japanese culture.
(1) Qualification of certified instructors
In order to popularize Shohin Bonsai, it is important to develop instructors who teach basic knowledge and practical skills, including how to grow Shohin Bonsai. increase.
(2) Holding seminars and disseminating information through websites
During Shohin Bonsai exhibitions such as the Shohin Bonsai Fair, certified instructors will give lectures on Shohin Bonsai. In addition, through the website, we will announce the opening of the “Shohin Bonsai Fair” that will be held nationwide by the Association, and will carry out dissemination activities by conveying how to enjoy, how to make, and how to appreciate shohin bonsai.
(3) Experience activities
During the exhibition, instructors certified by the association will give practical guidance on how to grow Shohin bonsai.
(4) Shohin Bonsai Fair
We will hold the “Gafu-ten”, “Autumn Grace Exhibition”, “Shunga-ten”, “Hokuriku Miyabi”, “Kyushu Miyabi”, and “Tokai Miyabi “.
(5) Assistance for “certification associations”
Shohin bonsai enthusiasts’ associations all over the country that support our association’s objectives and projects, agree to the association’s “authorization association” regulations, and obtain qualifications are called “authorization associations”. In order to support the holding of small bonsai exhibitions and dissemination activities sponsored by the “Authorization Association”, we will provide subsidies and dispatch certified instructors to hold workshops.


In 1985, the All Japan Shohin Bonsai Association was established with the dream of popularizing and developing Shohin Bonsai through the efforts of senior members of the current Japan Shohin Bonsai Association. Until then, it was managed by an association of professionals, and in January 1976, the “1st Nihon Shohin Bonsai Exhibition” was held at Daimaru Department Store in Shinsaibashi, Osaka. The exhibit was recorded as having 46 seats. From the 12th exhibition in 1987, the name was changed to “Gafuten”, and it was organized by the association and supported by the association, and was held at Kyoto Kangyokan. It celebrated its 36th anniversary in January 2011, and is now a well-known annual New Year’s event in Kyoto.

In the meantime, it was certified as an incorporated association in December 2004, and organized by the association “Shohin Bonsai Fair” and it has become established each time.

You can see the history (PDF) of the All Japan Shohin Bonsai Association from the following.